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The mission of Heal Me Whole Hypnosis and Family Life Coaching is to thoroughly explore the correlation between traumatic life events and destructive human thought patterns in order to gently
disrupt undesirable mindsets.

 Nancy's Bio / Vision
Nancy is an IACT Certified Master Trainer in hypnosis; a Board Certified Hypnotherapist in business since 2002; a Life Coach; and recently retired public school social worker. Nancy also has a MBA in Entrepreneurialism. Nancy is currently in the process of completing a book entitled Reggio Emilia for Adults which explores the presupposition of positive impact on the current state of collective adult mental health for previous participation in Reggio Emilia curriculum. 
Nancy has a passion for guiding people on their healing path to wholeness through hypnosis. She also has a passion for business and enjoys teaching the in and outs of marketing, building your new hypnotherapy business and becoming exceedingly successful - whatever that means for you personally! 
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